What Does Om Telolet Om Mean ?

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Om Telolet Om become trending topic on Twitter , some people really have no clue what does that terms means .

Many people asking “What Is Om Telolet Om ?” i think this is a little weird for people asking this kind of question , but recently i know why you might wonder the meaning of Om Telolet Om , and that because the sentence become overly viral , many artists, especially musicians mentions the sentence on their tweets .

The Origin Of Om Telolet Om

So the Om Telolet Om phrase comes from Indonesia. The initial uses of that sentence begins when a community called Bis Mania formed (Community that addicted to big ass bus).

Bis mania community members in Indonesia are come from various backgrounds, range from old man , teenager , women and even children . They all have a special interest in large vehicles especially Bus.

In Indonesia buses are usually equipped with a range of accessories, one of which is a horn with a strange tone.

Buses that have been modified usually have a horn sounded loud with unique rhythm . This uniqueness makes people who addicted to bus in Indonesia become crazy , they usually jumping , screaming even crying when the bus driver honked their bus horn . There is why “Om telolet om” became famous.

The bus lovers community in Indonesia usually gather at the bus station, on the roadside and even on the highway. Just to ask the bus driver honk the bus horn , Crazy huh ?. They shouted “Om Telolet Om” Om means uncle (calling term for an older man). Telolet itself is the rhythm from the bus horn.

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Om Telolet Om Meaning

So “Om Telolet Om” is just a simple sentence that shouted by the Bus Lovers to the Bus Driver , that hopefully make the driver honked the horn , just simple as that .

Besides shouting , there was also a T-shirt that said “Om Telolet Om “, some people even create a posters as just to get noticed by the bus driver.

Om Telolet Om Tshirt
Om Telolet Om Tshirt

You can get that ‘Om Telolet Om” T-shirt only 8.88 USD here .

How The Bus Mania Formed ?

Om Telolet Om Meaning - Bis Mania Comunity
Bis Mania Comunity

In Indonesia many people are interested in this vehicle. Because the large of its size, the engines with capacity of 5000 liters or more and the difficulty to drive it , and that’s make bus have attraction for some people. I think this is just like some people who have a special interest in train , aircraft, Marine etc.

This is Indonesia, where the people entertain them self with everything . Even road accident become something that really fun to watch in Indonesia . If you remember Sarinah Bombing Tragedy , you should know why Indonesian are really easy to entertained by something that might you think not funny at all .

And before you move out form here , this is a compilation video of Om Telolet Om (Buses Honked Their Horn in Indonesia) :


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